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My £0 to £100k Journey
Property Investing 🚀

This is the class I wish I had when I was starting out…I get it, you’re unsure how to get started, where to find the best areas to invest and it’s stopping you from getting started. 


  This 60 minute free class is an honest documentary of my journey to £100k, building the business from scratch, building my systems, finding the first property, renovating the first project and ultimately making an impressive 90% ROI. 


This class is completely free, sign up in 30 seconds and check it out.

The best bit? No up-sells, secrets or hidden formulas!

free property course

What’s the biggest struggles small property investing business owners have?

Getting started.
Getting the first deal.
Knowing where to start.

Want to look over the shoulder of somebody who is a few steps ahead?

Want to find out what mistakes you SHOULDN’T make?

Want to be nosey and see how I built my own business to £100k?



I’m Matt!

I fell in love with property back in 2019 after buying my first home in London. I bought a flat in Zone 2 and rented out the spare room that since generated over £40,000 in rental income. 

I immediately caught the bug for property investing since seeing it’s power first hand. I had found a way to live expense-free, so I had the cash… but I didn’t have the knowledge on property investment strategies, understanding finance, how to research & analyse property deals and confused about locations and where to invest. 

This ultimately created a fear of getting started, until I read Austin Kleon’s ‘Show Your Work’ which taught me about being proud of showing my work and progress in public, and thus I created ‘What The Flip: Property Investing’ to help others build, systemise and scale their business. 

Since then, I’ve built my own property investment group and so far we have held, bought and sold over £800,000 of property while building a large audience on YouTube to help inspire others to do the same. 

I’m not a property guru, I don’t own millions of pounds of property and I firmly believe that property takes time and hard effort. There’s nothing passive or easy about it. But once you crack the basics – it’s incredibly, powerfully rewarding

Get Clarity.
Sharpen Your Strategy.
Get Started.

🤔 Who this is for

Here’s the figures & numbers from my first project that I cover in this free masterclass.

The Challenges for Property Investors
Just Like You

You can’t wait to get started with your first project but you haven’t made those first moves yet. Should you set up the limited company? What’s the best area to invest? This holds you back.

You’re not sure how much you need to get started on your first project or how you go about getting a property and planning a renovation ready for tenants. 

Fear is holding you back, time is going on and you’re waiting for the right opportunity. But property prices and surging and you feel like you’re missing out riding the property boom. 

You already have a small property business but you don’t know much about scaling your business with systems and processes and using cool tech to scale to the next level.

I've worked for the UK's largest bank and now work for a global tech startup.

I know a thing or two about large business, scaling & growing.

free property course

What this free masterclass will help you with

It’ll give you that boost of confidence, watching my own story, I share all the figures, the ups and downs and the whole process involved with setting up the company, the excitement of having my first ever offer accepted, getting my mortgage.

I also share the anxiety and stress of getting the keys and walking into the property for the first thing and thinking “oh, crap!” and how that changed over time. 

It’ll give you a real, honest documentary style presentation of what it takes to get deal 1 over the line and get started in property. Or if you’re nosey and wonder how I started my business.

What it won’t help you with

There’s no secret of magic formula at all – it requires hard work and consistence to build a business, understanding your risks and mitigating them. 

The hardest person to beat, is the person who doesn’t give up.

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