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Buy, sell & renovate property confidently.

Get smart and renovate for profit THIS YEAR with our property investment course for first time buyers, movers, investors and landlords to accelerate you to buy, renovate and build wealth, through property. 

🧠   Learn the BEST strategies to invest in property, for profit

🧱   Free deal analyser, spreadsheets, tools and templates

🤑   Identify & avoid houses that will LOSE money

🏡   Generate £100,000s in equity refurbing high quality homes


£100 off for the first 1250 students (10 left)

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1240 homeowners took the leap

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Getting started is the hardest bit...

Without the knowledge, tools and skills you could gain from this property investment course..

I know the pains that you have…

  • What type of house will work best?
  • How much should you REALLY save for renovations?
  • How do you run the analysis and appraisal of a property?
  • Will the property go up in value, is it worth it?
  • How do you price up a renovation?
  • How do you find a good builder and trade team?
  • Is an architect worth it?
  • How do you self-manage a renovation?
  • What’s the best way to project manage a house renovation?
  • How do you raise finance for property purchases and renovations?
  • What should you look for on a viewing?
  • How do you get put forward as the BEST offer (not the highest offer)?
  • Should I be worried about the housing market crash?

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Property Investment Course

Supercharge your property power,
buy better, make £

Find a property, run the analysis, buy quickly and confidently.

Spend your time building your wealth, not worrying about the uncertainty of whether you’re doing the right thing. Work your way up the property ladder through smart renovations.

Zero to Property Hero is a property investment course that provides you with the skills, confidence framework and knowledge you need to build wealth for your future through equity and value uplift of your investment or own home.

This property investment course is perfect for...

property course

Self Renovators

Work your way up the property ladder through renovating old houses; all profit and equity is tax-free if it’s your primary home.

property course


Looking to buy a second home for your pension or want to add value to your own home? Master the art of renovating to add equity to your home.

property investment courses


Learn the strategies and tools; Buy to Let, HMO’s, Serviced Accommodation and developments to build a wildly successful business.

property investing course


Whether you have one property or multiple, protect the value of your assets and learn how to scale up your operations and profit.

Gen Z Property

Gen Z

You’re young, ambitious and ready to start a business or leap onto the property ladder and build wealth, but how?

Side Hustle

Side Hustlers

You want to earn extra income on top of your 9-5 or even eventually quit your day job and go full time.

property entrepreneur


You’re ready to take your business to the next level, optimise, improve and scale your business to be wildly successful.

builder property investor

Builders & Trades

Always doing work for investors and have no idea how they fund projects? You already have the skills, now get the knowledge.


Remove the stress and anxiety of buying property...
renovate well, get profitable!




A 60 minute workshop showcasing my journey from £0 to £100k. Why I was afraid of getting started and how I made 90% ROI.

Free, Forever.




Our bespoke online course,  boost your confidence, find and analyse great deals, renovate and make great profits as a homeowner or investor.


£100 off for the first 1250 students (10 left)

Pay Once. Access Forever

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get exactly?

This is an immersive online property investment learning course to help you dive into the world of property, find, analyse, and prepare yourself for getting a great property to work on whether you’re a homeowner, couple, investor, landlord, or more! You’ll learn the tools, skills and processes to buy and renovate a house for profit. The course will pay its-self many times over. 

Yes! Property investing still applies to homeowners, couples and families. Buying an old home and renovating it is a great way to build equity, generate £100,000’s and work your way up the property ladder to eventually be mortgage free!

Yes! I run through all the popular investing strategies in the course for professional investors including BTL, HMO, Serviced Accommodation and Development, exploring pros cons and getting started in each. 

I also help you understand which strategy may be best for you and how to craft and build your own strategy.

I’ve worked in banking, finance and fintech for a $3bn global remote company. I apply and share my skills alongside the course to help you build a business of your own. 

Yes! If you’re just starting our in business, you’ll learn lots of systems, processes and how to really take your business to the next level if you’re an investor.

If you’re a homeowner this course will help you become more efficient in your renovation projects, get more certainty as you move up the ladder and increase your financial risk and size of property you work on. 

I’ve done my time in stuffy hotel rooms with guru’s flogging ‘the dream’ talking about passive income and more. 

This course is about hard work as it’s the only way you’ll see success. This course isn’t about your ‘vision’ of success or working out how to retire on a beach.

This property investment course focuses on serious business, building processes, systems strategies and implementing your learning. YOU are the only person responsible for your success. 

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy I will return your money to you. 

However – you need to have at least attempted 50% of the course before requesting a refund. This helps keep you accountable to take action which is what this course requires.

If you don’t think you’ll end up completing the course and take action on what you have learned, then please do not buy it.

Refunds will not be given to people who do not complete the first half of the course to prevent fraudulent buyers from downloading and selling courses of hard-working creators on shady websites.

This course will help you get focused and show you the possibilities of where to focus your attention whether you’re a homeowner, couple, investor, landlord, or developer.

The cost of this course is half the cost of a mortgage product fee, half the cost of a solicitor and about the same cost as a property survey but will return you great amounts of equity and profit if you use the knowledge from the course and apply it properly.

The government has something known as private residence relief, which means when you live in your primary home, and it goes up in value – those gains are exempt from capital gains tax. Meaning you don’t pay tax on the money you make.

Some people can become very wealthy through trading up their home over a lifetime. Buy the worst house on the best street, do it up, sell it for a profit and then trade up your home and do the same.

Build your knowledge,
Renovate your home,
Grow your equity


£100 off for the first 1250 students (10 left)


Goal Setting Guide

Free Goal Setting Guide

Are you struggling to find focus in your property business? Do you have a clear, tangible and measurable plan of action? Download this free handy goal setting guide that explores wherey you are today, your financial literal and north star lateral goals – and what you need to do to bridge that gap to meet your goals. 

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