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I started ‘What The Flip: Property Investing’ in 2020 with a pretty simple mission: to help other property investors build a better, smarter, stronger business.

What the Flip is an honest, real journey from novice newbie to property pro.

I’m figuring out ‘what the flip’ it’s all about – showing the highs and lows of property investing in the UK and what I’m doing to build a business from scratch. 

To do this I’m using all my experience from working in Financial Services including experience in Commercial Lending.

Property Investing is hard, it takes dedication, knowledge, risk management and a good financial understanding. 

If you have made it this far, you’re no doubt like me: an independent thinker, a go-getter, an action-taker, who wants to own and carve your own path to success.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping other people create the entrepreneurial dream where your skills and determination can be transferred to real results.

I’m serving you a freshly squeezed, easy to digest and relatable approach to creating a WILDLY successful property business to give you the freedom to chase your dreams.

Matt Brighton
First Investment Property (East London)

Matt's Guiding Principles 📖

I have some key guiding principles to keep the brand and myself focused in the right direction and strategy. These principles keep me on course.


Work with purpose, understand my own direction and accountability.
Working 9-5 for the rest of my life in a polluted city is not my idea of the ideal life. After 5 years in the corporate world, I’m grateful to realise this now, rather than in another 20 years time. I want to make my own decisions, set my own direction and build something greater, than what a job allows. Sharing that journey here will keep me accountable, whilst building a useful resource for other investors.


Fail forwards and embrace the process knowing that the results are mine.
Documenting and showing the highs and lows whilst being curious, experimenting with new ideas and showing the mistakes and problems along the way so I, and others can learn what not to do. Whilst paving a successful way forwards and celebrating these results.


Sharing without ego, learn with everyone, share with everyone.
Sharing photos, success, failures, stories and finances is a great honest way to show the full picture of the business, to help people learn and to inspire. The generousity of other investors to peek through the glass inspired me – it’s key to do this in a way that’s genuine and authentic. Not with leased lambo’s and ferraris!

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wtfpropertyinvesting1.4K followers🏡 What The Flip: Property Investing 🏗️ S. Yorkshire 👇 YouTube & Newsletter 🌿 Giant Leaps Begin with Small Steps
How I Invest In Property Using a Holding Company 🚀New Youtube Video now Out! or link in bio!👊This week I explore the use of a holding company and how it can be beneficial when you have multiple companies.🧐 If you have 2 companies, one for cashflow one for investing, you could be putting your businesses at risk based on the way you move profits from one to another.Or you could be throwing it all away in tax, NI, student loan etc.👉In this video, simply break down how a hold co structure can really help and protect you from risk whilst saving tax & other costs.I\’m not an accountant, so anything could be wrong in the video but this should help give you a basis to chat to your accountant if you have multiple companies.👉 Feel free to check it out! Link in bio or #hmo⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom
#7daysofproperty DAY FIVE – Highlight of 2020 🚀Starting a YouTube channel📽 Kind of property related – I launched a YouTube channel this year, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never quite found the right topics to talk about. It clicked this year that I really wanted to document the property happenings, the things I learn and share my journey with others so they are inspired to get started.🤯 After only 2 full months the channel has already gained 220 subscribers and is growing faster than I anticipated, but subs aside, I’m enjoying putting out helpful content and have had so many lovely DM’s and comments thanking me for tips that people have picked up and things they’ve learnt which is awesome to know that already the content is having an impact.😃 I just released my latest video on buying a ÂŁ600k flat in London at 25 with numbers, details and my story.👉 Feel free to check it out! Link in bio or⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠
#7daysofproperty DAY FOUR – First Property 🏡For those following with a keen eye this week on the challenge, this one keeps making an appearance as it’s the only one 😅 Until next month….. 🧐⚡️PP 2018 – ÂŁ567k (Off Plan) ⚡️Refurb – ÂŁ0 (New Build) ⚡️Value 2020 – ÂŁ580k to ÂŁ620k🙋‍♂️ I chose a flat in an interesting area of London by the Olympic park. Since buying the flat, BBC are building new studios round the corner, there’s a V&A museum being built next door, billions of investment in the Olympic park area.🔧 A brand new development is being built next to mine with exact same spec properties selling for ÂŁ622k when I bought mine for ÂŁ567k at the end of 2018.🧐 It hasn’t been formally valued so I’m not truely convinced on the value but one to keep an eye on!#hmo⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠
#7daysofproperty DAY THREE – WHY 🚀🤷‍♂️Why did I get into the industry?I’ve always wanted to build a business and after studying graphic design at university I always thought about running a design studio. The problem in 2020 is that everyone can create basic stuff on photoshop, canva etc. The agency market is also super saturated.For me, property is a great way to be creative and expressive whilst at the same time, the product in its self is an investment that gains value over time.🥸 Escaping The Corporate LifeI have a great career in a bank but it’s not what I’d prefer to do for the next 40 years commuting into the city. I want the space, freedom and most importantly a golden retriever 😂. Creating a property business and content brand are my two creative outputs to create something that is mine where my efforts are directly awarded through the performance of the businesses I run.🤩 What does it allow?For me, the why really stems down to building something of my own and being incredibly proud of it. A business that I can enjoy working hard on, to the point where it doesn’t feel like ‘work’. And ultimately that allows me to make decisions when I want time off, how I use my time and protect myself in later years when I’m retired.#hmo⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠
#7daysofproperty DAY 2My Favourite Project🏡 So, my favourite project is my own home. I bought a 2 bed flat in London as a shared owner. Normally I wouldn’t advocate such a scheme but as I rent out the spare room for £1190 a month, this covers the service charges and rent due on the flat meaning I can pay the mortgage as normal.🏦 Working for a bank has its perks. It means the mortgage I have is 0.1% interest and monthly repayments are around £15 interest a month 💪 This means the flat pays for its self and I can focus on saving money for investing in better properties in the motherland & homeland that is South Yorkshire.🤦‍♂️ Any regrets? Yes and no, it’s a new build which I’d never buy again now I’ve wised up to the tax benefits of refurbing your own property but it’s a great property for cash flow and living so happy days. ⁠ #hmo⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠
#7daysofproperty👋 Hey everyone. Looking forward to another week of @insidepropertyinvesting 7 day challenge!🙋‍♂️My name is Matt, I’m originally from the north, however I have been living in London for just over 5 years. I work for a bank by day and spent a bit of time working in commercial lending so have seen the side that many have not when it comes to financing a business.🏡 I’m a brand new investor. I got the bug after buying my own flat in London and renting out the spare room. Having a lot of knowledge in the South Yorkshire area, I’m viewing properties next month with the hope of working on flips to eventually move onto a mixture of HMO, commercial to resi & mixed use and would love to build houses further into the future.📽 With quite a creative background, having a degree in graphic design and working in finance. I’m also documenting my journey and knowledge through a YouTube channel ( The insta community is amazing but it’s far too easy to see other investors killing it with amazing projects and 10 years experience so I’m enjoying ‘being an amateur’ in public and showing my work which has resonated really well with a lot of people so far.I look forward to meeting others on the challenge! ⁠ #hmo⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠

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