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property deal analyser
property deal analyser


Property Deal Analyser (UK) - Track, analyse and manage your property deals like a pro | Product Hunt

Scale up & systemise your property business

Property Deal Analyser brings quick deal analysis, pipeline tracking, CRM, tasks, notes, and goals seamlessly together in Notion – creating a truly all-in-one system for your business.

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property deal analysis

🧠 One Place for Everything

Tired of cobbling together multiple apps to build the foundations of your property business? Me too. Property Deal Analyser lets you capture, analyse and organise everything

inside of Notion – turning it into a truly all-in-one workspace.

How Have Others Built Their Business?

mo mir - testimonial

Like most people I started with using an excel spreadsheet, this soon became cumbersome.

PDA includes all of the exact information you would need to calculate a property deal, track the deal throughout the process as well as record and store contact details.

It also includes some added features such as the ‘ goals’ tracker, which let’s you stay focused on what you want to achieve. 

I am using the PDA daily and it is now a crucial part of my property bussiness! 

Mo Mir

Owner of Mir&Mortar Homes Ltd

Secure Payment Processing  🔐

Instantly Calculate
ROI & Yield

Quickly Track
The Best Profits

Visual View
Of Property Deals

Focus on Your Goals
And Habits

Efficiency Improvements

🚀 Visually Track All Your Deals

Property Deal Analyer comes with the most advanced version of the kanban & pipeline tracking analyser built-in, letting you create & quickly analyse all the key figures on a property deal.

Simply add a few bits of information on the purchase price and gross development value – and it automatically works out your (ROI) return on investment, yield, profit, costs, bridging finance costs and more.

property deal tracker

👷‍♂️ Ditch Your Expensive CRM

property CRM

You can also use it as a CRM, managing your contacts, estate agents, trades while being able to allocate an estate agent specifically to each property deal on your kanban board where you quickly have all their contact information, comments and notes to follow up on every deal.

No need to save random contacts into your phone, simply store them on this as a semless CRM platform. 

🏆 Reach Your Property Goals

Stay on top of your goals and milestones

Keep track and keep your business 

accountable to it’s goals.

Easily set, manage and track your goals and how you’re progressing to achieve them.

Push your property company to new heights.

property business goal tracker

Goodbye Spreadsheets, 👋 hello Notion

I created this. My name is Matt. Hello there.

This Notion template has saved me COUNTLESS hours using this dashboard in a really user friendly way to track and run my property business.

I use it every day, it really had been tried and tested and I’m always making improvements to the design and functionality.

I hope you too, find great use from this and love using it!


Secure Payment Processing  🔐

📝 Capture Anything Instantly

Property Deal Analyser Tasksa

Your property business should be easy and fast to capture anything, no matter where you are.

Property Deal Analyser does that, beautifully.

The built-in Quick Capture & tasks lets you capture tasks and notes, then intelligently allows you to tag categories and allocate due dates.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve got lots of spreadsheets 🤦‍♂️ that are badly designed and can only analyse one deal at a time.

  • You have multiple accounts 😱 across Trello, Asana, Todoist and other productivity workflow apps.

  • You tried expensive CRM systems 💸 but they charge a fortune to customise it with the features you want.

  • You have no way of viewing your property pipeline 🧐 in an easy, visual way.
  • Tracking properties is overwhelming and takes a lot of time ⏰ to get through them all.

  • You have several types of deal analyser spreadsheets 🧮 that you downloaded off the internet.

  • You waste a lot of time analysing properties to realise 😬 they aren’t actually good deals.

  • You’re a little bit scattered 🤯 and don’t have a solid system or process in place for your business.
property deal analyser

The Property Deal Analyser allows you to combine everything into one single place.

Streamline your business, improve your productivity and
spend your time working on what matters most.

property deal analyser

Link each property deal
to an estate agent

Quickly works out ALL
the important figures


Analyse different
types of finance

Completely customisable
to suit your business

100x better than
using clunky spreaksheets

Analyse Property Deals

💰 30 Day Money Back Promise

I’ve put a lot of love and effort into building the Property Deal Analyser and built it in a way that’s incredibly customisable to suit your own business needs and desiers. I’m a huge advocate of building efficient systems and processes to make my businesses better hence sharing this with you. I really believe that you will NOT be disappointed with this tool. 



I also priced this tool to be affordable to every business even if you’re just starting out. This combines GREAT value for money mixed with INCREDIBLE packed features.



If however you’re unhappy for any reason – then I’m offering a money back promise with no questions asked if you request it within 30 days of your order being placed. This means you have 4 full weeks to test out the tool, see what you think and if you’re not happy, let me know!



Just drop an email to the support email address in the tool and I’ll get back to you. In return for a full refund – all I ask is that you fill in a feedback survey on how I can improve for other people in the future and then your funds will be fully released.

Buy Property Deal Analyser

No fuss, no monthly fees. Property Deal Analyser is a one-time purchase, which also gets you lifetime access to tutorials and our support community 🙌.

Property Deal Analyser for Notion

An all-in-one property system to supercharge your business


One Time

One Time Payment. Secure Payment Processing  🔐

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Notion is free software, they do have paid plans for more advanced users but Notion has incredible features all of which the Property Deal Analyser uses to build a custom CRM business system for your property business. 

In Notion, any page can be made publicly available on the internet. It can also be set up so that others can duplicate it – i.e. add a copy of it into their own workspace.


Property Deal Analyser is an expansive template which contains multiple pages and databases. 


When you duplicate Property Deal Analyser into your own workspace, you’ll have an exact copy of it that you can then start using and customising to suit your needs.

Absolutely. However, because this is a Notion template, you’re literally copying it into your own workspace.


This means that updates won’t automatically apply to your version of Property Deal Analyser as people often like to customise their templates to suit their own business, so you can always copy and paste the updated elements of newer templates over time if you so wish. 

Yes, 100%. All transactions go through my teaching platform Teachable which uses secure encrypted gateways to process information. Just like Amazon or other big companies. I don’t see any payment information or data. 

Yes! Out of all the purchases of Property Deal Analyser we’ve only had a handfull of refunds, usually because some people prefer their old methods of using spreadsheets (that’s fine!)

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee to test it out, if you don’t like the template or don’t see value in it, simply ask for a refund. 

All that I ask in return is for you to answer a few questions to help me make the tool better for others in future.

Reach out to me on instagram, twitter or even drop an email help @

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