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My Worst Buy To Let Property Mistakes

buy to let mistakes There are a few things you could do that end up big, expensive or time costly mistakes on your buy to let flip or property investment. Here are my top mistakes that I made, so you don’t hopefully make the same ones too! Mistake One: Choosing the wrong solicitor before knowing which lender I’d […]

Is Buy To Let Worth It?

is buy to let worth it

Is Buy to Let Worth it? This year, more than ever, more property investors and landlords are getting into the property market looking for a way to diversify their assets.Β  Β  In the UK for those who have spare money and looking to invest it somewhere, that isn’t just in the stock markets are looking […]

The Ultimate Guide – Buy to Let Mortgages

buy to let mortgage ultimate guide

Introduction to Buy to Let Mortgages When building a property portfolio and becoming a landlord, getting a buy to let mortgage is a huge opportunity to leverage finance and buy properties that are assessed on rental income. Raising finance is very important to build a successful portfolio and mortgages are the most common way that […]

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