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The Ultimate Guide to Bridging & Auction Finance (Property Flipping)

bridging finance

Few things are as misunderstood as bridging finance or otherwise known as Auction finance. It sounds intimidating, what happens if I can’t keep up the repayments and many investors, including those who are fairly experienced find it scary and confusing. Overall it has a reputation for being risky, expensive and sometimes shady. In the past […]

Are property investment training courses worth it?

property investment courses

Free Goal Setting Guide Are you struggling to find focus in your property business? Do you have a clear, tangible and measurable plan of action? Download this free handy goal setting guide that explores wherey you are today, your financial literal and north star lateral goals – and what you need to do to bridge […]

5 Things I wish I knew before I bought a new build house

regrets new build home

So, lets jump in and explore my top 5 things I wish I knew before buying a new build property New Build Premium If you have a 3 bedroom property in a small town that’s a new build, and an older property with the same bedrooms, even if done up to a nice spec. You’ll […]

Goal Setting Guide

Goal Setting Guide

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