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‘What the Flip: Property Investing’ is my real journey, here to offer a no-BS approach 👊 to becoming a property investor in the UK, in 2020.

Ever wondered how to get started in property investing? Imposter syndrome making you stop dead in your tracks?


Before you dive in at the deep end, explore these handy free guides to help you develop a better understanding of property strategies, creating a business plan and making your first moves in property.

Novice newbie or property pro, I’ll explore what you need to do, to succeed in property in 2020 and
share powerful yet easy to digest learnings.

Goal Setting Guide

Free Goal Setting Guide

Are you struggling to find focus in your property business? Do you have a clear, tangible and measurable plan of action? Download this free handy goal setting guide that explores wherey you are today, your financial literal and north star lateral goals – and what you need to do to bridge that gap to meet your goals. 

Giant Leaps Begin With

Buying your first property can be incredibly scary. Especially if you don’t really know where to start!


The aim of creating ‘What The Flip’: Property Investing is to document my own journey. I also want to help other investors who are in my shoes. Not quite sure where or how to get started. Property Investing is an exciting areas to be. It allows freedom and entrepreneurial flare.


In the past few years, the Government have changed the rules drastically. I’m sharing what you need to do to succeed in property in 2020. The longer term aim of creating WTF is to create a community and a platform for other people to navigate their way through the UK property market with free guides, resources and tips.


I’m making the world of being a property investor accessible and fun! There’s a real shortage of quality online communities out there and that’s why I created this site. To document my journey, whilst helping other investors just like you.


Since becoming hooked in the property world, I’ve had my head in podcasts, books, forums and instagram communities. I’m compiling all the best bits here for you to view for free!


I’ve even been featured in the Telegraph and The Times newspapers!

What does it take to become a UK property investor?

There are many fake guru’s out there selling ‘get rich quick’ property courses for £12,000. However when you check our their company accounts, their annual accounts show questionable proof.


You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds. There’s enough information on this website and amongst the property investor community online to really get started. All it takes is determination and hard work.


The best way to learn is to get out there and do the damn thing!


I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

PS. Feel free to follow me on instagram below 👇 and let me know what you’re up to!


wtfpropertyinvesting1.4K followers🏡 What The Flip: Property Investing 🏗️ S. Yorkshire 👇 YouTube & Newsletter 🌿 Giant Leaps Begin with Small Steps
#7daysofproperty DAY FIVE – Highlight of 2020 🚀Starting a YouTube channel📽 Kind of property related – I launched a YouTube channel this year, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never quite found the right topics to talk about. It clicked this year that I really wanted to document the property happenings, the things I learn and share my journey with others so they are inspired to get started.🤯 After only 2 full months the channel has already gained 220 subscribers and is growing faster than I anticipated, but subs aside, I’m enjoying putting out helpful content and have had so many lovely DM’s and comments thanking me for tips that people have picked up and things they’ve learnt which is awesome to know that already the content is having an impact.😃 I just released my latest video on buying a £600k flat in London at 25 with numbers, details and my story.👉 Feel free to check it out! Link in bio or⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠
#7daysofproperty DAY THREE – WHY 🚀🤷‍♂️Why did I get into the industry?I’ve always wanted to build a business and after studying graphic design at university I always thought about running a design studio. The problem in 2020 is that everyone can create basic stuff on photoshop, canva etc. The agency market is also super saturated.For me, property is a great way to be creative and expressive whilst at the same time, the product in its self is an investment that gains value over time.🥸 Escaping The Corporate LifeI have a great career in a bank but it’s not what I’d prefer to do for the next 40 years commuting into the city. I want the space, freedom and most importantly a golden retriever 😂. Creating a property business and content brand are my two creative outputs to create something that is mine where my efforts are directly awarded through the performance of the businesses I run.🤩 What does it allow?For me, the why really stems down to building something of my own and being incredibly proud of it. A business that I can enjoy working hard on, to the point where it doesn’t feel like ‘work’. And ultimately that allows me to make decisions when I want time off, how I use my time and protect myself in later years when I’m retired.#hmo⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠
#7daysofproperty👋 Hey everyone. Looking forward to another week of @insidepropertyinvesting 7 day challenge!🙋‍♂️My name is Matt, I’m originally from the north, however I have been living in London for just over 5 years. I work for a bank by day and spent a bit of time working in commercial lending so have seen the side that many have not when it comes to financing a business.🏡 I’m a brand new investor. I got the bug after buying my own flat in London and renting out the spare room. Having a lot of knowledge in the South Yorkshire area, I’m viewing properties next month with the hope of working on flips to eventually move onto a mixture of HMO, commercial to resi & mixed use and would love to build houses further into the future.📽 With quite a creative background, having a degree in graphic design and working in finance. I’m also documenting my journey and knowledge through a YouTube channel ( The insta community is amazing but it’s far too easy to see other investors killing it with amazing projects and 10 years experience so I’m enjoying ‘being an amateur’ in public and showing my work which has resonated really well with a lot of people so far.I look forward to meeting others on the challenge! ⁠ #hmo⁠ #coliving⁠ #property⁠ #properties⁠ #propertybusiness⁠ #propertydevelopment⁠ #propertydeveloper⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #ukproperty⁠ #propertyinvestment⁠ #propertyinvestor⁠ #propertyinvesting⁠ #propertypodcast⁠ #buytolet⁠ #landlord⁠ #financialfreedom⁠ #passiveincome⁠ #propertyladder ⁠ #ukpropertymarket⁠ #propertynews⁠ #propertymarket⁠ #business⁠ #entrepreneur⁠ #propertymanagement⁠ #entrepreneurship⁠ #entrepreneurlife⁠ #houseofmultipleoccupancy ⁠ #sharedhouse⁠ #spareroom⁠

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